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    Church LED Signs

    Church LED Signs


    Church LED Signs are one of the best ways to reach your community and inform them of Importand Events, Special Services, Bible Studies and is a excellent way to attract New Members. Our LED Signs will work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week in rain or shine to make your voice and message heard! In fact, many people visit or join a new congregation after being attracted by their Electronic LED Sign!

    LED Signs are a low cost one-time investment which provides you with an easy and effective way to connect with your community to let them know who you are and what you do! Compared to One-Time Ads on Radio, Print, or TV Advertising which only plays for a small amount of time, you find that with an Electronic LED Sign you can easily and continually reach the right people and for much much less.

    Grab attention and advertise Events, Bible Studies, Worship Times, Food Drives and become an important and vital part of the community. LED Signs are perfect for driving traffic and increasing attendance for your church!


    What Churches Are Saying!

    Church LED Sign Testimonial

    "I have heard great praises from the members about the sign"

    Ray Jarrett
    Board Chairman Mount Olive Baptist Church



    Simple and Convenient to Schedule and Program

    Our signs come with an easy to use cloud-based software which you can easily access from any computer with Internet or from our iPad App. Conveniently access the software from anywhere and at any time.

    Professionally Designed and Stunning Content to Make You Stand Out!

    We provide you access to a professional team of graphic designers which can design and create spectacular and stunning content to make you stand out and insure your messages are heard. Easily and quickly request images and videos right inside our software. In fact, just to help you get started and learn your sign, we're throwing in the first year of professional content creation for free!

    Complete Piece of Mind

    Entech Signs LED Signs come standard with the best in the industry 7 Years Parts and 7 Years On-Site Labor so you can rest easy knowing that we've got you covered.


    Entech Signs has been a leader in the digital signage business for over 30 years. We've got hundreds of signs throughout the country, and several overseas. We are THE digital signs experts in DFW. Rest assured, there's nothing we haven't seen and no problem we can't fix. With our lifetime 1-800 support you'll never be alone.

    Which Church LED Sign is Right for You? One of the most important decisions in purcahsing a LED Sign is what pitch or resolution you should choose. Check out our videos and picture gallery for examples for help in making your choice!
    Our 16MM / 8MM Virtual is are our most popular LED Sign Option for Churches. They provide good quality resolution at a very affordable price. Ideal viewing at medium to long distances. Our 12MM / 6MM Virtual allows you to display high resolution graphics and allows you to do more with your LED Sign. Churches who want to attract attention and make a lasting impression will want to go with our higher resolution offerings. Suitable for viewing at close to long distances.

    Church LED Signs Gallery

    Bethel Lutheran Church LED Sign
    16MM 60x150
    8MM 120x300 V
    Bridgeway Church LED Sign
    16MM 48x160
    Central Pointe Church of Christ LED Sign
    16MM 90x180
    8MM 180x360 V
    Christ Chapel Church LED Sign
    24MM 190x330
    12MM 380x660 V
    Crestview Baptist Church LED Sign
    25MM 16x64
    Crosspoint Church of Christ LED Sign
    16MM 60x150
    8MM 120x300 V
    Garden Ridge Church of Christ LED Sign
    16MM 60x165
    8MM 120x330 V
    Living Word Lutheran Church LED Sign
    16MM 30x105
    8MM 60x210 V
    New Life Community Church LED Sign
    16MM 45x135
    8MM 90x270 V
    Northside Baptist Church LED Sign
    16MM 45x150
    8MM 90x300 V
    Identifying the type of content, traffic and distance you plan to read your sign at is a very important consideration in choosing LED Sign Pitch. Depending on who you target audience is will determine what type of resolution you need on your sign to be effective and get the most attention. Use our handy distance chart to help decide the best fit for you!
    Flex Series LED Sign Selection Chart
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