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    Outdoor LED Signs & Displays

    How to Choose the Right LED Sign

    Choosing the correct LED Sign is a very important step that ensures that the LED Sign you purchase makes the maximum impact that will meet your needs.  The most important factors you need to consider when purchasing an LED sign is the type of traffic you are targeting, the viewing distance and the type of content you want to display.  These factors will determine the appropriate Pitch, Matrix and Physical Sign Size needed to achieve your desired goals.

    What is LED Sign Pitch? - LED Sign Resolution


    What is LED Sign Pitch? How do you decide what Pitch to get for your LED Sign?

    Pitch is the measurement in millimeters from the center point between the Red, Green and Blue LEDs of a pixel to the center point of another pixel. The smaller the distance between two pixels, the tighter the pitch and the more pixels you can fit in a given area.

    LED Sign Pitch Explained
    LED Sign Pitch Comparison
    Identifying the type of content, traffic and distance you plan to read your sign at is a very important consideration in choosing LED Sign Pitch. Depending on who you target audience is will determine what type of resolution you need on your sign to be effective and get the most attention. Use our distance chart to help decide the best fit for you!
    Flex Series LED Sign Selection Chart

    What is LED Sign Matrix?

    The Pixel Matrix is how many pixels high and pixels wide the display is physically built with. An average business or school display would be 60H x 120W, while a large digital billboard would be closer to 180H x 610W or higher. However, a large pixel matrix does not always mean a large sign. The actual size of the sign is determined by the pixel pitch (the distance between each LED pixel). 
    LED Sign Matrix Explanation Example

    Physical Size of LED Signs Explained

    The Physical Size of the LED Sign ultimately depends on the matrix (how many pixels total) and the pitch (how close they are together). For example, a large 24mm 14ft x 48ft  digital billboard would have the same pixel matrix as a 12mm 7ft x 24ft display (180H x 610W) 
    LED Sign Viewing Distance Explanation

    Virtual Resolution (VR) Technology


    What is Virtual Resolution Technology? Why do I need Virtual Technology for LED Signs? Virtual Resolution results in smoother graphics and extremely fluid video. The pixel clusters are able to share the LEDs between one pixel cluster to another and virtually doubling the resolution of the display enhancing the image. If you have a 20mm display with a 48 x 96 matrix, its virtual resolution would be double at 96 x 192 increasing the quality of the image.

    No Strain: VR technology simply shares LEDs. We added extra chips to the modules and provided the computing power to control the complex algorithms.

    No Pain: VR does not require more power or require overdriving the LEDs. Overdriving LEDs causes a display’s LEDs to degrade faster and the sign to lose performance over time.

    More Gain: A 20mm virtual will make the display look crisper and more defined with sharper images and smoother lines. It’s an upgrade on the system which makes it stand out with minimal additional cost.

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