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City of Midlothian City Hall - Midlothian Texas

Pitch: 16MM 
Size: 9ft 6in x 3ft 8in 
Matrix: 64x176 
Type: Pole with Neon ID Cabinet / Double Face 
Color: Full Color RGB




Midlothian aims to maintain its vision of “blending a rural quality of life with urban amenities. Meeting the challenge on a daily basis is a city staff of professional employees, which forms the basis for one of the best-managed cities in Texas.  In order to support the growing needs of their community, the City of Midlothian has upgraded and modernized its iconic neon sign located with a brand new modern Electronic LED Sign! The Digital LED Sign is perfect for informing citizens of important events and news a has quickly become a very important part of the cities communication strategy. A retrofit of an old sign is a perfect way to help modernize your cities communication needs while helping preserve historic elements of the city which helps maintains its character and feel.  With easy to use Cloud-Based software it is easy and quick to manage and update messages from anywhere and anytime.